Friday, March 18, 2016

Picture Books

We have been looking at various picture books from our class library and thinking about the storyline, illustration, layout, characters, use of words and ideas. On Thursday we sketched what we thought would be a good illustration that matched the text that was read out to us while we lay on the ground with our eyes shut. This helped us use our imagination and gave us a chance to think really hard about what we wanted to create.

"My picture is about when the girl in the story wakes up in the morning and flew downstairs to have breakfast." - Pyper G 

"This is a picture about the scene with the old lady with the oldest car. But it's not finished just yet." 
- Zach C

"My picture is about when the girl is with her little cat Fluffy in front of the fire" - Greer  

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Signing Room 3 Treaty

Signing Room 3 Treaty