Thursday, June 2, 2016

Writing from the perspective of a spider.


Monsters! - Emmy Kena

Help! I screamed even though I knew no spider could hear me. Just a few seconds ago I was wondering home and decided to take the shortcut through the gap in old garage up the steps and across the kitchen but lucky me... To be stuck under a glass thing and not able to get out! Hang on a second is that a few crumbs left over from the monsters breakfast? But just when things are looking up a monster comes in and slid a book under me nearly squishing me in the process. Then she threw me into the air and I suddenly find myself face to face all of my family! there was only one thing to do I fainted!

Aidan Mullenger
“Wow this is light” I was trotting along to my home until two ugly monsters screamed at me so I tried to run but they put me in a cup. “Get me out of this you meanies” I felt super petrified. “What did I do to you? I need to get back home to the family!” I was in that cup for hours until I couldn't breathe and I just couldn't hold on and all of a sudden I passed away. All of a sudden I woke up and yelled “oh thank goodness it was just a dream.” THE END

Trapped  Spider - Maia Lynch
“Help where am I?” I had just got back from the spider store where all the spiders their food. On my way back from the spider store I took a dangerous way I used the shortcut because I knew my family was hungry. They call the shortcut that I went in was the monsters shortcut. When I was in the monster territory I was scared. I didn’t know what to do and then I saw it… The monster was right in front of me. I looked at it and said “I bring peace” but the monster didn’t listen it trapped me in a thing that was see through. I was terrified. I didn't know how to get out. I was wondering why the monster didn't just kill me. After 3 hours the monster finally let me go. I was terrified but I got back home to my family.

Eva Presnall
Hello my name is Fred I was busy building a web to catch some food for my family while some massive monsters were gathering wood. They picked up a piece of wood that I was on when they took me inside I fell on the floor the massive monsters  were all staring at me. I froze I tried  to run away but it did not work there was a strange thing over me I couldn’t hear much of  what they were saying, all I heard was “ ahhhhhhhhhh spider!” When they sprayed me it did not work so I played dead. They slowly lifted the strange thing off me and I sprinted out the door. I went to go get some food for my family and I finally arrived home after a long hard day.

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Signing Room 3 Treaty

Signing Room 3 Treaty